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How the Color of Concrete Makes a Difference

Did you know that the color of roads can make a big difference in the temperature in and around your home? Much like how a black car or a black t-shirt retains more heat from the sun, the same has been found to be the case in roads and highways.

Needless to say, something must be done to protect ourselves against the threat of climate change, and there’s been a breakthrough in dealing with this problem – paint it white.

Keeping the Roads Cool

In order to deal with record-breaking temperatures as of late (as anyone who managed to endure this past summer can tell you), state and local transportation departments are starting to paint black asphalt roads with a white reflective coating. This has been proven to reduce road temperatures significantly, and as a result, more and more government officials are seeing the important contrast this relatively straightforward modification provides.

The Urban Heat Island Effect

Urban environments tend to lack trees and roads are paved with black asphalt (which retains heat, as we mentioned previously). People living in the city have to put up with higher mercury levels that average a few degrees more than surrounding areas. This is what’s called the “urban heat island effect.”

As you can imagine, when there’s a heat wave going on, even a few degrees can make a huge difference, turning an uncomfortable day into a public health crisis. Conditions such as heat exhaustion become far more commonplace, so taking initiatives such as this one can be crucial.


Not only does having a road coated in white or gray paint reduce the heat coming off of the pavement, but it will also help city residents save money during the summer since they don’t have to rely so heavily on their air conditioners to stay cool.

This is admittedly a small contribution to the problem, but by applying the same type of reflective coating to sidewalks, rooftops, and other dark surfaces, this will have an immense effect on the challenge of staying cool all year long! So if you start to see concrete construction companies painting blacktop white, you’ll know how vital this can be to saving the environment!

DIY Demolition Tips and Tricks!

We’ve all heard our fair share of cliched movie super villains and their whole “before creation comes destruction” spiel. Well, truth be told, they hit the nail right on the head when it comes to home remodels! And while demolition can be one of the most cathartic and satisfying parts of the home remodel process, to many, it can be a messy and time consuming affair. Fortunately, professional demo services are out there and are eager to lend a helping hand.

If, however, you’re interested in taking a bit of a DIY approach where you’re able in order to save a few bucks, there’s no shortage of tips and suggestions we can share!

Diversify With an Oscillating Tool

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete amateur, the right oscillating tool is just one piece of equipment you simply can’t do without. Struggling to remove a chunk of drywall? Slap on a half-moon blade to your multi-tool and cut away in half the time! Looking to straighten out the edge of a particular cabinet’s trim? Work with a straight edge and make sure everything looks clean and reigned in. With the sheer amount of different blades and applications to be had, it’s no exaggeration to say that your demolition projects begin and end with a carefully selected oscillating multi-tool!

Deal With Insulation Before Tearing Down Drywall

Home demolition is already a messy affair without having to consider blown-in insulation resting above the ceiling. Make it a rule to suck out all of the insulation in your attic before breaking down any ceiling or drywall and save yourself the dusty, cloudy mess. If you don’t have the tools necessary, you can rent the large vacuum required for the procedure for relatively cheap! If that doesn’t work out, you can also reach out to insulation installers who regularly provide a cleanup service in addition to blowing in new insulation.

Rent a Walk-Behind Floor Scraper

If you’re working with materials like vinyl or tile, you’re probably biding your time trying to avoid pulling up your flooring. And that’s no surprise when you consider just how much of a hassle flooring removal can be, especially when you consider the process usually implies long and arduous labor that trickles away material little by little. Fortunately, time, patience, and health can be preserved with a walk-behind floor scraper! These innovative tools are known for reducing the strain on your back and wrists and also perform a much more seamless job removing vinyl and even breaking down tile with their impressive attachments.


Like with most processes, there’s are both mindless and smart ways of performing DIY home demolition. Keep these tips we mentioned in mind and preserve your home, your money, and, most importantly, your sanity before you embark on the transforming journey that is home remodeling!

Easy Ways to Protect the Concrete on Your Driveway

So it’s the big day. The contractors are done building your brand new home, and now you get to enjoy the fantastic benefits that this large investment brings. Of course, while it’s great to settle in and get acquainted with your new surroundings, it may be a good idea to think about what you should do to help maintain the appeal of the place. The last thing you want to have to put up with is yet another expense after spending all those years saving up for a down payment, right?

While there are plenty of topics we could discuss regarding the maintenance of your home, we figure we should focus in on the topic we know best, and that’s concrete! Chances are if you have a driveway, that contractor you hired laid down some concrete. After all, this mixture is built to withstand the elements while being highly flexible during its application.

However, like a child trying to lie to their parents, concrete will start to crack under pressure. Whether it’s the extreme weather conditions, chemical spills, tire marks, or oil and grease, concrete can take a beating. This is why we’re going to take a moment and teach you a few do-it-yourself methods you can use to protect the concrete flooring in your home!

Avoid the Use of Deicing Chemicals

As we mentioned, one of the biggest factors that will harm the appearance and functionality of concrete is from stains. This is especially true if you live in an area where it snows as deicers can cause a good deal of surface damage when the moisture is thawed and refreezes. Many of those store-bought products you use to remove ice from surfaces contain ammonium nitrates and sulfates which can erode concrete.

While rock salt tends to do less damage, they can still corrode metal and harm any vegetation it touches. We recommend avoiding the use of deicers the first winter after the concrete has been initially applied since your concrete will be far more vulnerable to the harmful effects of salt – it needs to build up a level of durability first. Instead, consider using sand to give you that much-needed traction you desire.

Remove Any Stains Right Away

Just like if you made a mess on the kitchen floor, it’s a really good idea that you remove any gas, oil, grease, or any other spills as immediately as possible. The sealer is designed to protect concrete from stain absorption, but that won’t stop it from causing discoloration. However, if this does happen, consider investing in a good chemical treatment product or a power washing service.

To keep your driveway looking its best, it’s a good idea to clean it on a regular basis. Just like with deicing chemicals, this will all depend on the weather conditions where you live along with the amount of vehicle traffic it gets.

Reapply Your Sealer When Needed

You will also want to have your driveway resealed regularly. By rule of thumb, you should have your driveway resealed every two to three years, especially when the finish begins to show some wear. You can find commercial-grade sealers at a hardware store, or you can always ask your contractor for any recommendations. Make sure when you do use a concrete sealer that you closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Bottom line – you want to treat your driveway with care. Whether you’re shoveling your driveway, be aware of how susceptible this material can be to scrapes and scratches. Driveways also aren’t engineered to support heavy vehicles, like moving fans or large construction equipment. Keep all of these tips in mind if you want to maintain the quality of your driveway!

Wasting Battery Recycling Myths

When it comes to proper recycling and waste management, batteries have continued to remain an enigma to most. Many understand that these energizing little structures are composed of chemicals that could be dangerous if exposed to an open landfill. Unfortunately, this hasn’t resulted in proper recycling, rather, we’ve only begun to see a steady increase in comically stuffed drawers filled to the brim with discarded batteries. Luckily, we’re here to dispel the confusion and confirm once and for all that batteries can be recycled!

Now that that’s been cleared up, where do different types of batteries fall on the “do or do not recycle” spectrum? Why are batteries recycled in the first place? Where should you go to drop off the stash of batteries you’ve been hoarding since you were a child? Read on for answers to those and many other battery recycling questions!

Which Batteries Should I Recycle?

While many variations of batteries do exist, most if not all household variants can be boiled down to either primary (single use) batteries, or secondary (rechargeable) batteries. Fortunately, both of these batteries can and should be recycled.

Single use batteries are produced on a much greater scale than their rechargeable counterparts and there abundance and cheap price point make them much more common amongst a home’s load of recyclables. Rechargeable, on the other hand, provide much longer durability and make up a smaller percentage of waste. Regardless of the battery type however, law requires the public to provide opportunities to recycle them responsibly.

What Are Batteries Recycled For?

If paper and metal can be re-purposed, what about batteries? While batteries aren’t necessarily completely reformed after being recycled, there are a number of valuable materials that can be derived from your classic single use or rechargeable battery. In fact, many recycling plants can recoup up to 86% of an alkaline battery for reuse. But where exactly do those recovered materials go? The answers might actually surprise you!

Starting with the metal, the 25% of the battery composed of steel can actually be re-purposed for the production of new steel and batteries. The small amount of paper and plastic found in them can also be used as raw materials in an energy conversion treatment. From there, the zinc, magnesium, and potassium, found in alkaline batteries can be utilized as a wonderfully potent micro nutrient fertilizer for crops like corn.


If you’ve gone your whole life isolating your involuntary battery collection to a few forgotten drawer, hearing that it can be repurposed for so many different impressive feats can be quite surprising! Of course, the last thing you want is to leap out the door and toss your batteries just anywhere. If you do plan on giving back to Mother Nature, always make sure you take your batteries to a trusted recycling depot.

How a Concrete Waste Service Helps the Environment

Here at Legacy Concrete Works, one of the many different options we offer to our customers is a waste service that gets rid of any rubbish or debris that is laying around their commercial, residential, or construction site. While many would simply consider this a way to boost the curb appeal of an area, it has far-reaching environmental benefits as well. Sure, that may be considered a given, but let’s delve into the actual specifics of what we are talking about.

In this post, we’ll focus on concrete disposal, one of the most challenging jobs for anyone. Fortunately, when you’re dealing with a licensed and professional contractor, they can handle jobs of this size, no problem. With that in mind, let’s get to some of the ways we can help the environment by going over the most common uses for concrete waste!

Building New Roads

When dealing with smaller pieces of concrete, these can be used as gravel for new road construction projects. This is because sub-base gravel is laid down at the bottom layer of a road before concrete or asphalt is poured over it. Not only that, but concrete pavements can be broken up in place and used as a base layer for asphalt pavement.

Aggregating New Concrete

Any concrete being disposed of can be crushed up and used as dry aggregate for brand new concrete so long as it is free of any contaminants. Some states including here in Texas allow the use of recycled concrete pavement (or RCA) for certain use-cases including gutters, curbs, sidewalks, and streets.

Erecting Retaining Walls

Wire cages can be filled with crushed concrete and stacked together on top of each other to serve as a retaining wall, protecting embankments and other structures. Due to their weight and density, they can prove to be highly useful for a variety of situations.

Creating Riprap Revetments

Larger chunks of concrete (normally 10-18 inches in length) that has been crushed down can often be used as riprap revetments, which are used to prevent stream bank erosion from occurring. You’ll typically see this type of material around ditch pipes, shorelines, and especially in landscaping.

Speaking of which, recycled concrete can also be used for more aesthetically-pleasing purposes, which leads us to our next topic!

New Landscaping Products

Any well-graded concrete received from specific crushing facilities may be applied as a nice substitute for landscaping stones or aggregates. Urbanite is a particular type of reused concrete that is often used for garden walls, benches, raised beds, rockeries, terrace foundations, patios, and walking paths.


When you outsource your waste disposal services to an environmentally-responsible contractor, you get both the benefits of a highly-convenient service and one that can have a real impact on your overall operation. The concept of a green practice is an important movement that is constantly gaining traction the more we take a look at the impact we as a civilization have on the environment. By working with a contractor that offers an eco-friendly waste service, you’ll know all that construction debris will be out of your way and on to serve a greater purpose while you get on with the job!

3 Things You Should Know About Junk Hauling

Whether it be debris from a recent construction job or an assortment of boxes left over after an amazon shopping spree, junk can tend to go overlooked until it piles up to be a real eyesore for those who enter your home. Fortunately, there are services designed to help those with a chronic case of procrastination when it comes to taking out the trash!

Junk hauling is a service that has been provided by construction companies and other businesses for quite some time, but many are a little unsure of what the service actually entails. The truth is, junk hauling is so much more than simple trash removal! Read on for a few of the lesser known facts about junk hauling that make it such a comprehensive and valuable service!

They Donate Items That Aren’t Junk

You could never have enough good karma! Fortunately, working with the right junk hauling team can ensure your unneeded trash isn’t simply moved from one lot to another. Whether it be furniture, books, clothing, or even toys, most hauling services will donate what they take to those in need. Ask the team you decide to work with what they plan to do with what they remove. You might be happy with the answer you receive!

They Offer a Very Flexible Service

In truth, the name “junk hauling” isn’t the most accurate label for the service dedicated teams like ours provide. Junk haulers are called on for a number of different circumstances from construction clean up and furniture removal to dirt removal after an intensive yard project. There’s no shortage of scenarios where a hauling service can’t offer a much needed helping hand!

Offering an incredibly flexible service, junk haulers are more about problem solving than they are about simply removing garbage. If you have a tasking project in mind, don’t be afraid to contact your local hauling team. You’d be surprised just how often they have experience in the exact service you require!

They Handle Jobs of Any Size

Something we notice incredibly too often are clients who feel like their particular job is too small or too big to be handled by a junk hauling team. Fortunately, for those ready to clean out their home or office, there’s no such thing as a “just right” sized job for a junk hauling team.

Whether the job simply calls for removing boxes after moving or calls for some more heavy-duty junk removal after a significant home remodel, a team worth your business will happily and seamlessly perform a job well done. In fact, smaller jobs remain a hauling team’s bread and butter! Don’t wait for your junk situation to grow into something you believe is more fitting for a professional team. No matter the scale of the project, a junk hauling service will be happy to help!


Junk hauling is a comprehensive treatment for more reasons than one may immediately suspect. With its focus on environmentally safe cleaning and lack of discrimination when it comes to jobs of different natures, a hauling team can help clients stuck in a number of different troubling circumstances. Of course, all of this depends on finding the right team but, if you can handle that one hurdle, an efficient service is all but guaranteed!

The Great Benefits of Renting a Trash Container

When you are commuting to work or out walking the dog, you may have noticed a large trash container sitting in front of a home that is going through renovation. They are slightly different than your typical dumpster that sits in an alley behind a store or restaurant; instead, they are designed to handle a variety of waste material.

The process of requesting one of these is fairly simple: you call up a trash container rental company who will then bring it to your location and either set it down in your driveway or near the curb. From there, you can fill it up with all your rubbish. When you have either maxed out its available capacity or are done using it, you only have to give the rental company a call and they will come to take it away.

But when do you actually need a trash container? You may be surprised to know how useful they can be in your particular case!

When You Should Rent a Trash Container

While there is a wide swath of situations where renting a trash container is applicable, we will run down some of the more common times where this makes a lot of sense.

For those of you who live a do-it-yourself life and plan on tearing down the roofing, siding, walls, and windows from your house, then it would be in your best interests to rent a trash container. All that waste needs a place to go, so having an efficient way to dispose of it all can be really helpful!

Another case is when you are doing a yard project. The weather in Texas can do a number on our yards, especially if your property has plenty of trees, shrubs, bushes, and more. Whether you are dealing with yard waste or old play equipment your child has outgrown, a trash container is a great option. It’s important to note your town or city’s trash hauling service won’t take care of this type of rubbish unless you want to pay a pretty penny.

Lastly, trash containers are perfect for when you are planning on moving and need to get rid of a lot of junk you don’t plan on taking with you. From dressers and bookshelves to old mattresses and tables, the right container can handle it all. This makes total sense when you have nowhere else to toss these items (and your friends or relatives aren’t willing to take them off your hands).

What You Will Be Expected to Pay for a Trash Container

Trash containers vary based on the rental company you decide to go with. Typically speaking, you will tend to see most of them have containers that are able to hold 20 cubic yards or 30 cubic yards of waste material.

While the prices can range depending on who you go with, you can always contact the company directly in order to request a quote. They’ll have different sizes for you to choose from so you may want to figure out ahead of time how large a project you’re going to be dealing with. If you aren’t sure, the rental company will usually know which one will be best for you.


Before you rent a trash container, there are a few matters you want to keep in mind so you’re prepared for its arrival. For one thing, make sure that the driveway or street in front of your home is clear. After all, the last thing you want to do is be forced to walk a long distance just to dump your rubbish. You may have to give up your parking space for the trash container. Finally, as trash containers tend to be on the tall side, you may need to find a step stool or something similar to easily dispose of any waste.

By keeping all this information in mind, you may discover that trash containers can be a great solution for all your major home or yard work! Do you have any recommendations or questions regarding the use of trash containers around the home? Please share them in the comments section below!

Dumpster Delivery Services Explained

Life’s biggest and most exciting changes come with equally impressive clean ups. And when the need for a reliable and convenient cleaning treatment arises, a dumpster delivery is one of the first services you should investigate.

Of course, when it comes to employing a service you’ve never used before, knowing what to expect can help you save time, money, and can even go a ways in helping you find the perfect team for your job. Read on for a brief rundown of a common dumpster delivery service and see if it’s the right next step for you!

Make the Arrangements

To start, having a time for both drop-off and pick-up will help you and your dumpster delivery team come up with a stable time frame both of you will comfortably be able to work within. See if the company you chose to work with has a standard policy for how long they leave their dumpsters and whether or not they can accommodate your specific schedule.

As is well advised when using any service, ask for a pricing estimate beforehand. The last thing you need are some sudden fees to blindside you after you’ve assembled a team to help you with your debris removal.

Prepare For Your Delivery

Always read into the kinds of dumpsters any service offers before ordering a delivery to ensure you’re securing ones made for your specific task. It would also do you some good to open up ample space in your driveway for the dumpster drop off. Picking a location closer to your entrance can help if you have heavier materials like furniture to remove as well.

Schedule for Pick-Up

Once you’ve cleaned up and no longer need your dumpsters, you can begin scheduling for a quick and seamless pick-up. Always make sure your dumpsters are placed back in the spots where they were deposited and call in advance to ensure your team can work around your schedule.

It would also be wise to see if the team you’ve elected to work with requires you to separate recyclable materials from the rest of your debris.


A dumpster rental service may be a stress-free and streamlined treatment, but knowing what to expect and what to look for in a team can make the difference between a quick clean up and one that has you tearing your hair out.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Demolition Services

When you’re renovating your landscape or building a brand new home from the ground up, you will typically have to deal with existing obstructions on the property. Depending on the scale of the project, this can be a challenging proposition if you don’t have the knowledge or the equipment to accomplish this task.

That’s where professional demolition services can really come in handy! In this article, we will run down just the benefits of working with an experienced group who understands what they’re doing, rather than you handling it all by yourself. Hopefully, by the end of this, we will be able to show you how you should handle this opportunity!

Regulation Compliance and High Safety Standards

It doesn’t need to be said how complicated construction and demolition regulations can be. You can’t simply hurl a wrecking ball at the building and assume everything is all well and good. After all, there are state and local ordinances for health and environmental safety to consider.

Any prominent professional demolition crew will have the experience and training required to ensure your project complies with these regulations, while also having the licensing and permits to perform the service. This is especially important depending on where your property is situated and if the project will cause any disruptions. You’ll be able to protect yourself from any undue responsibilities and punishments.

This goes hand in hand with any safety hazards you may encounter on site. Inexperienced individuals run a larger risk of injuring themselves or others. A professional contractor has the education and discipline to adjust for these types of environments so your project can run at its smoothest if it’s inside a hazardous area.

A Faster and More Efficient Project

While you may be stuck with store-bought tools if you go it alone, a reputable demolition group will have the heavy-duty equipment to handle projects of any scale. Why use a hammer when a bulldozer can be far more effective?

Not only does this make their work exponentially faster, but also more complete. It’s one thing to tear something down – the act of removing it from the site is another thing altogether. Overall, you will be able to save both time and money in having a rapid process that can take days rather than weeks to finish.


These are just some of the important factors you will have to weigh when deciding whether to hire a professional for your project. There are plenty of other unpredictable aspects that you won’t be able to plan for that a competent company will adapt to with ease. For all these reasons and more, you should make hiring an accomplished demolition company a priority.

Do you have any questions or thoughts regarding this decision? Be sure to share them in the comments section below. We would love to read them!

Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal

Whether it be the dishes after cooking a fine meal or the debris after a long and successful construction, few, if any, like to think about the clean up that comes after a project. Unfortunately, removing debris and dirt is an inevitable part of working on your home’s interior and exterior. And, while unavoidable, a well carried out clean up can make the difference between a job well done and one half done!

That being said, there are two tried and true avenues one can take when looking to hire professional assistance for their project’s finishing steps: dumpster rental and junk removal. While they may sound similar, each comes with its own pros and cons that should be considered!

Junk Removal

Investing in a professional junk removal service allows you to relaxJunk removal services entail a team coming down and removing your junk and debris without asking for any assistance from you. This may seem incredibly convenient but the costs involved with this kind of service are well above what you can expect for a simpler dumpster rental. You’ll also have to pay for multiple trips should your particular project require it.

That isn’t to say this option doesn’t have any benefits! The process is carried out by professionals and allows you to relax, meaning a quicker clean up and less physical labor expected from your end. If your renovation or construction project was especially grand in scale, shelling out the extra money for a professional junk removal might be a worthwhile investment!

Dumpster Rental

Unlike a junk removal treatment, dumpster rental services require the renter to dispose of items themselves. This takes a little more time and especially more effort on your part, but if your project’s A dumpster rental is cost-effective.  aftermath is small in scale, a dumpster rental is a more financially responsible choice.

Furthermore, dumpsters are rented weeks at a time which makes them ideal for projects expected to last a little while. This also allows you to take your time filling dumpsters as your project progresses. Taking care of junk and debris as it is made can save on one big, day killing clean up after the project is complete!


Regardless of which service you pick, a number of different considerations, such as your location and the size of what you’re looking to remove, can directly impact the price you’ll pay out of pocket. Do your fair share of research and keep the comparisons we mentioned in mind and you’re sure to find the ideal service for your unique project!

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