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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are a nice touch from both a design and functional perspective. However, did you know there is a difference between concrete flooring for offices and homes? From different demands placed on the floor’s durability to the finished look of the concrete floors, there are many things to consider when choosing the right mix. Keep reading to learn some of the key differences between choosing commercial concrete mixes and residential ones. 

House foundation.
House foundation.

Residential Concrete Floors

Floors in residential buildings are designed to be functional and able to withstand the daily traffic of domestic life. Concrete in homes tends to be less expensive while still maintaining its durability for any lifestyle. Make sure to choose a reasonably priced mixture, because even though you won’t have to splurge on the high end concrete you still want to ensure your new floors will be able to last. Many homeowners choose to overlay the concrete with hardwood, vinyl, or carpet in the interior of their homes, while simply placing an overlay and polishing the garage. Modern home design will sometimes see families with uncovered concrete floors that have been polished and overlaid with a unique design for a minimally stylistic appearance.

Commercial concrete construction.
Commercial concrete construction.

Commercial Concrete Floors

While residential concrete is meant to withstand domestic foot traffic, commercial floors are meant to handle everything else. From active businesses to larger companies with frequent visitors, these types of concrete floors need to hold much heavier weights. Choosing a higher strength formula will guarantee the floor’s durability in the future. Using a high-quality finish or coating for the concrete will ensure it can stand up to spills, abrasions, and the to-and-fro of the office space. Picking the right finish for commercial concrete floors will also provide adequate traction for employees and visitors to the office as well as lower the need for maintenance.


Whether you are looking to bring stylish, minimalist concrete floors into your home or want to ensure your business’ floors stand the test of time, understanding the differences between concrete mixes is important. It’s also important to choose the right team to help you poor and finish your new floors. Legacy Concrete Works, LLC has many years of experience working with both commercial and residential clients in our community to give them stunningly durable concrete floors for a reasonable price.

Advantages of Pavement Markings

Pavement markings can be beneficial when it comes to motor vehicles and safety on the road. The purpose of these markings is to provide people with direction, as well as to distinguish the pavement from other lines around it. It can decrease the chances of crashes and other incidents, and therefore be a safer option for businesses to have on their property.

 According to Brite Lite Paint, “it is estimated that approximately $2 billion is spent every year in the United States on pavement markings.” That’s a lot of money, right? Well, let’s take a look at some of the ways that pavement markers are used!

Parking Lots

As you’re driving into a parking lot, your eyes scan the area for a space and you see an open spot right in the front. As you’re driving up, the lines are painted blue and there’s a wheelchair symbol painted in the middle. Stop! The symbol is meant to tell you that it is reserved for handicapped drivers. Traveling further down the row, you see a spot with white lines. The white lines indicate a free, open parking space for the public. You’re good to go!

So what’s so important about these markings? The lines and colors are meant to indicate a message. If the lines are blue for handicapped parking or green for timed parking, drivers can noticeably see whether or not they’re allowed to park there. In turn, parking lot paint can be reflective, which is something that contributes to safety. Brighter pavement markings are more visible in adverse weather conditions. All in all, painting a parking lot allows drivers to know where and how to place their vehicles.

Indoor/Outdoor Sports Courts

Basketball courts and tennis courts are just some of the few sporting areas that require specific markings. Since the games are usually played on concrete, the pavement markings are placed accordingly to each sport. For a tennis court, the lines are divided into two sides, with enough room for a net in the middle. The markers can tell each players where they need to be during the game.

When it comes to indoor courts, such as gymnasiums, pavement painters have to take a great deal of care. The lines have to be carefully painted and then the floor properly coated. Colleges, universities, high schools, churches, and many others benefit from the proper painting of their indoor courts.


Businesses located in warehouses can also benefit from pavement markers. With the amount of machinery inside of a warehouse, it can be a safety hazard if the machines are used outside of the proper markings. The markers can indicate where the equipment should be placed, as well as a way to direct traffic inside and outside of the facility. Caution signs may even be painted on the floor to let someone know that they are entering a dangerous area!


There are many types of flooring that our pavement painters can work with, including different types of markings that are necessary for your business space. Whether you need markers for convenience, or for safety, call on Legacy Concrete Works, LLC for professional pavement marking and maintenance in your area!