Concrete floors can really make a statement. A very modern and clean floor throughout your home is sure to stun your guests the second they step through the door. In order to fully deliver this wow factor, proper cleaning procedures must be followed. Follow along with this blog to get some insight on how to best clean your polished concrete floors!


Material, material, material! We can’t say it enough. From start to finish, the material you use to clean your polished concrete makes all the difference. Many times when people ask where their polished shine went, the wrong scrubbing and cleaning instrument was used. In order to avoid prematurely stripping your concrete of its shine, we suggest using soft and gentle materials. A microfiber pad or wash cloth are best. And no, you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to scrub; a nice and easy mopping-like action is good enough!


It is crucial that your timing is impeccable when it comes to regular or even unscheduled washes. When something spills and potentially stains your concrete, washing as soon as possible is your only hope. Outside of accidents, it’s best to set aside time to clean regularly. If you don’t already have a set cleaning schedule, we challenge you to make one! Not only will your floors thank you but the rest of your house will too! If the thought of scheduled cleanings seems daunting, break it down! We suggest creating a set pattern that will help guide you through which areas of your floor are cleaned first.

Cleaning Solution

There are so many different cleaning solutions that are marketed on a daily basis. With this rise in advertisement, it can be hard to know which solution is the best to throw onto your floors! While we don’t have anything specifically to suggest, we do have some tips. A cleaner that has a neutral PH is going to be best for your polished floors. And while it may seem like soaking your floors in a cleaner is a great idea, it’s not. Make sure you never allow your cleaning solution to dry onto the concrete surface. At the end of the day, it is important to note that polish doesn’t last forever. We recommend getting your concrete floors polished every two years in order to keep them nice and shiny!


Polished concrete floors that are properly taken care of are sure to be show stoppers. When you make the switch to concrete floors, it’s imperative that you know the best way to care for them. For more tips, tricks, or concrete services you can head on over to the Legacy Concrete Works, LLC website!