In the modern age, we can take advanced construction for granted and think things have always been that way. Today we’re going to take you on a trip back to the time of Ancient Rome. The Romans are well known for their construction miracles, but how did they do it. They had a secret weapon in their building arsenal. Today we’re going to tell you about the history of Roman concrete; their secret weapon for building the monuments that still stand today.

What is it?

Roman Concrete is unlike any other building material in the ancient world. It combines volcanic ash from the mountains of Italy and mixes it with quicklime and gypsum. The combination is then churned like any other concrete would and is ready to be made into bricks, tiles, and much more. Unlike other forms of concrete that tend to break down after time, Roman Concrete still holds up today.

Why They Made It?

Concrete was not a new invention by the time Rome came to prominence. So why was Roman Concrete made differently and what purpose did it serve? No one is entirely sure how the process first got started, but its function went far beyond its famous stability. Italy is a region prone to earthquakes and the ancient civilizations often struggled with that reality. Roman Concrete seems to have been designing specifically to deal with this problem. The concrete is able to shift and move with the seismic waves without cracking under the pressure.

The Future of Roman Concrete

Roman Concrete has started to gain popularity and is being reexamined in the modern day. Concrete and construction companies have started to take advantage of this ancient concrete method. Its durability, sustainability, and cheap production are giving rise to Roman Concrete’s comeback!

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