Save for factories and warehouses, the use of concrete as flooring is a newer concept in interior design. Its still, gray coloring and coarse texture have made concrete less than ideal for apartment, condos and other structures as visible flooring. In fact, it has only been strictly used as a support level of flooring beneath wood and carpet for decades! Yet in the rising trend of modern and minimalist interior designs and epoxy techniques, more and more residences are incorporating this type of flooring as a design feature.

Makes a Structure Feel Modern

Office space with concrete flooring

Concrete flooring has taken the design world by storm within the past few years. The style makes the smooth and cool finish seem futuristic and utilitarian, which is the main theme for developers in the interior design industry. It is a design that is very recognizable by gray and neutral tones, and has a ‘converted warehouse’ theme. One of the main features of this particular design style is in the polished, concrete flooring that is either a flat color like gray, or is covered in an epoxy coating.

Unique Designs

Epoxy is normally intended as a type of protective resin layering that would be poured over a construction material. Once set, it would create a smooth finish that protects the material or support structure while still looking pleasing to the eye. With that said, epoxy layering has evolved into an art form over the past several years. The color and application techniques have changed enough that epoxy is no longer just a protective film for construction needs; it can also be used to make specific designs and even serve an aesthetic purpose for your flooring and countertops. Adding fissures and geode-style designs is one of the most popular trends of concrete flooring that makes it interesting to look at. The specific blend of epoxy and dye combination makes nearly any design and color scheme come to life on the one flat, gray-colored floors. The epoxy and polished floors also remove the rough texture of standard concrete, leaving the surface as smooth as glass. This allows you to have the utmost functionality from your floors while maintaining the aesthetic style-a glorious combination, in our humble opinion.

Did Someone Say “Less Clean Up?”

Besides staying on trend and showing off your modern home, one of the most obvious advantages of having concrete flooring is the clean up! This is especially true in homes and structures where there is a lot of activity; having concrete flooring will significantly help the lasting damage from spills, splashes, and messes. Additionally, as it is concrete, it’s going to be much more durable than wood floors or carpet.


Home with concrete floors.

Once you switch to concrete flooring, you no longer have to worry about moving furniture, spilling drinks or food! You no longer have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on carpet cleaning fees and replacement planks anymore either, saving you untold amount in maintenance and cleaning costs. For a beautiful floor that gives you everything you want with none of the hassle, concrete flooring provides it all!